Main Street House

Main Street House is located in an old neighborhood of a small Mississippi town (pop. 8,500) on a previously vacant lot. The split-level plan responds to the sloping site: a lower two-story block and an upper one-story block shift in plan along their common wall creating triangular roofed spaces for the entry and screened porches, as well as a soaring section. The entry level holds the living/dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, a shared bathroom and access to the screened porch. The upper level houses a master suite with a balcony overlooking the living/dining room. The lower level has the garage, powder room and utility room. The minimally detailed interior relies on open spaces, natural light and color for its impact.Addressing the context of the street, the design provides the previously missing tooth in a charming smile of predominately brick homes. On the elevations, brick veneer in running bond rises to a height of eight feet, switching to vertical stacked bond above this datum. These two brick patterns “lock-in” the windows, and accentuate the taut exterior surfaces. The asymmetrical gabled roof springing from this datum sheds copious rains; the interior ceiling follows this roofline creating lofty, interlocking spaces.A fundamentally “green” aspect of this house is its location which allows the owners to drastically reduce their vehicle miles traveled. It is a five minute walk to the reviving central business district, the elementary school, the courthouse, town hall, several churches, and the civic arts center.

Gold Award, 2013 Brick in Architecture Awards, 

Brick Industry Association of America