TPA is Honored to Participate in the Next Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC): Sustainability in the Built Environment Event Organized by UN- HABITAT.

Oct 13, 2023

The current climate and energy crisis demands a discussion on sustainable construction and urban planning. To prioritize sustainability, it is crucial to construct new buildings with environmentally friendly practices.

The upcoming UTC presents an opportunity to shift the architectural paradigm from conventional construction to sustainable building practices. This shift can be achieved by including "green" building strategies, based on mid-term projects, living lab experiences, and international cooperation programs. Specifically, it is an invitation to meet the Galápagos Living Lab Project which is transforming public, housing, and tourism infrastructures, as a practice that aims to change the architectural paradigm, from Galapagos to the rest of the world. A follow-up event is envisioned in March 2024.

The event will take place online next Thursday, October 19 (10am- 5pm Eastern Time). 

For more details and registration please check link below: