Decatur Modern

This award winning house prototype is designed around the concept of an outward focus on the north and south facades, and inward focus on a courtyard. When one enters the house, these elements align creating a clear understanding of the spaces, while the inward/outward awareness constantly shifts, giving the occupant a richly woven experience in an elemental, sophisticated space.

The east and west walls are as solid as the north and south walls are open. These walls along with the roof create the structural sleeve that contains the living spaces. Where the north and south walls connect through the home and beyond, the east and west walls create privacy and a sense of shelter.

This proposal was created in response to the need for affordable, contemporary alternatives to what the housing market currently provides. Expanses of glass surrounding the interior courtyard expand its visual size while encompassing a smaller thermally enclosed volume. With large sliding glass doors the home can open itself up to the elements to allow breezes to permeate the spaces and passively cool the home. The exterior palette is comprised of wood, cement panel, and corrugated metal-- all easily panelized and installed.